YADD Resources

YADD Set-up

1. Open the NDB List Datamodes web page. YADD is towards the bottom of the list of software downloads. Download. Run the install file but DO NOT install to the Program Files folder (which it defaults to). Put it somewhere else where you have easy access without Windows complaining about adminstrator privleges. I have mine under Documents\Apps\YADD. Create icons and such as you wish. If you plan on running multiple copies of YADD you can install additional copies in folders named YADD2, YADD3, etc.

2. Download and install your one free VB Cable virtual audio cable.

3. Go to MF/HF DSC Database page and download the current copy of the yadd_mmsi_ship.txt file.

4. Open the folder where you installed YADD. Find the YADD_MMSI_SHIP.txt file and delete it. It's only 268 KB in size. Now copy in the much larger ship list that you just downloaded.

5. Start YADD. Happy decoding! (And after you've made some logs, check out YADDStats, below.)

Links of Interest

YADDStats - My program for tracking YADD catches and compiling statistics on them. This is very useful in making sure you don't miss seeing stuff on the YADD grid.

Current ship lists - Check here occasionally for updates.

SDR Console - Website for my preferred SDR program for digital monitoring.

Something else you'll see on NDB List Datamodes is a program called YADD2MAP. Apparently this interfaces with YADD to make an internet connection and retrieve ship names and last reported positions. But I've never tried it because the only instructions are in French.

DXer Resources

YADD Examples - Screen shots showing what different kind of receptions such as distress calls and All Ships messages look like in the YADD log tab.

YADD Net - Some users have set up their systems to automatically upload their YADD receptions to a database. This is a good place to see what gets logged around the world. If you have a partial MMSI you could look here to see if someone else had matching valid reception at the same time.

Groups.IO DSC List - This is mostly used for posting logs but you can ask questions here, too.

Marine Resources

Three of the many sites that can be used to find ship information by MMSI number. Note that locations given can sometimes be weeks old.
Marine Vessel Traffic - - - Vessel Finder - - - Fleet Monitor

Testing on 2187.5 kHz - YouTube video demonstrating how DSC tests are done.

Testing on 6312 kHz - Another YouTube Video

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