A Quick and Simple Listing of What's Here

Following Ghosts in Northern Peru - This is the top page for the web pages about my book. This includes all the photographs connected with the book - and links to where you can buy it as either a print book or a Kindle ebook.

Radio Hobby

My DX Travel Logs - All about several places in Latin America where I have DXed from in the past several years with MP3 files, photos, and loggings. Also links to many of my SDR files on Google Drive for anyone who wants to hear what the MW band sounds like in an exotic locale.

Maritime DX on the MF Band - Links and schedules for DXing maritime stations in the 1600 to 3000 kHz MF Band.

DX Photos From Peru - Radio hobby related photos and other information from my 2017-2018 travels in Peru.

Latin American Utility DX Photos - For radio hobbyists who monitor air and sea communications.

Old Latin American Radio Photos - Radio Photos from my travels in the 1980s and 1990s

Patepluma Radio - My original radio website. The content will be migrated to DonMooreDXer one of these days ...

BlanDX - The humor site for radio hobbyists.

Family History

Moore-Remer Family History


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