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Tales of a Vagabond DXer by Don Moore is a new book focusing on Latin American radio and DXing. In this 300-page volume, Don blends together stories from his radio station visits, his travels, and his experiences as a DXer. Don has been an active member of the DX listening hobby for over five decades. His interest in Latin American radio inspired him to serve in the Peace Corps in Honduras in the early 1980s. Since then, he has traveled extensively in Latin America and visited more than 150 radio stations in the region. He has written dozens of articles on Latin American DXing for radio hobby publications including Monitoring Times, the NASWA Journal, Review of International Broadcasting, and Passport to World Band Radio. Today, he is a regular contributor to the SWL Blog.

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Tales of a Vagabond DXer can be purchased from Amazon.com as either a trade-sized paperback for $12.99 or a Kindle eBook for $4.99. Outside the USA, it is availabe for equivalent prices in local currencies at regional Amazon stores. See below for links to all international Amazon stores.

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