Following Ghosts Through Northern Peru

About the Book

The main focus of my travel in northern Peru is to write book - an historical travelogue. In the 1800s the only trade route linking Peru's Pacific coast with the Amazon river was between the coastal city of Trujillo and Yurimaguas on the Huallaga (one of the main branches of the Amazon). This was known as the Moyobamba Route, Moyobamba being one of the major towns along the way. Most travel was by muleback. Other trade routes opened up around 1900 but the route continued to be traveled by adventurers for a few more decades. During the 1800s and early 1900s many travelers wrote books or other accounts of their journey on the Moyobamba Route, starting with the British Navy Lieutenant Henry Lister Maw, who traveled through here in 1827-28.

I am currently following the Moyobamba Route - or at least as much as possible. The modern roads don't go exactly where the old mule trails were. But I am visiting all the towns along the way and in a few places I have been able to walk on the actual old Moyobamba Route. Once I reach Yurimaguas I am going to backtrack and visit some other historical areas of northern Peru (not part of the Moyobamba Route).

My book will follow me and the historical travelers on this journey together. I will mix stories and observations from the historical travelers with my own today as I travel from place to place. There are many fascinating characters and interesting tales along this old mule trail. I plan to self-publish the book on around July or August of 2018. It will be available as both a Kindle eBook and as a standard paperback (the marvels of on-demand printing). So check back here for details.

Follow My Photos

I am taking lots of pictures and, as time allows, I'll be posting them here. You will even learn a little more about the route. Use the link from the South America 2017-2018 menu item above. Or click here to go to the photo section.

You can also see maps of my planned intinerary..

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